Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation

This Monday l have created a visualization meditation to help visualize goals, feel good about them and achieve them. Visualization is a powerful tool. Many athletes use it before races or big events, to help remember their race courses or manifest certain results. Whether you are running a race, going into an important meeting or doing an important exam this week – this meditation might help you reset your brain and achieve your goal!

-Find a comfortable seat or maybe even just lay on your bed, whatever feels best for you in this moment.

-Start by breathing in and out 10 times. Noticing your breath and any thoughts that come up.

-Now allow the goal or important task come into your thoughts.

-Notice how the goal makes you feel in this moment. Meet your feelings with no judgment. Maybe you feel stressed, anxious, or not ready, or maybe excited and happy. Any feeling is ok.

-Now visualize yourself doing what you are wanting to do, and succeeding at it. Notice how achieving the goal makes you feel and how everything is around you at the moment you successfully achieve your goal. (Ex. if you are training for a marathon, See yourself running the course, see yourself crossing the finish line with the time you are hoping for, imagine how it makes you feel, imagine how happy you are that your training paid off, imagine what you are wearing, who is with you and how you got there. Repeat this visual at least 3 times in your head.)

-End the visualisation with 10 full body breaths. Noticing any shifts in how you feel about your goal. Take the good feelings from the visualisation with you into the day and let them inspire you on the journey towards your goals this week!

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