Fruity+Fresh Popsicles

Fruity+Fresh Popsicles

These popsicles are so easy to make, very fresh, fruity, sweet and at the same time very healthy! They are inspired by my favorite “drink” in the summer. I love to mix grapefruit juice with apple juice and serve it with lime and strawberry slices for a summery beverage. This recipe is the same drink in popsicle form.

What you need: 

Popsicle molds and wooden sticks

(I got my molds from Ikea and the sticks from Home and Cottage)

Grapefruit juice

Apple juice




How to:


  1. Start by slicing up the strawberries and lime into tiny slices and place these into the molds.

2. Mix apple juice and grapefruit juice in a container, about 20% apple juice and 80% grapefruit juice,          (you might want to adjust this ratio yourself depending on how sweet you want it- more apple juice=sweeter. )

3.  Pop the sticks in the molds, and put the molds in the freezer overnight or for some hours until frozen…♥

I hope you like these popsicles or maybe even this combo as a beverage instead! I would love to hear from you if you try the recipe!










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