Smoothie bowl -Raspberries and mango

Smoothie bowl -Raspberries and mango

There is currently a heatwave in Norway. I do not think I have ever experienced Norway as warm as this and especially not early in the summer (in May)! In this heat, smoothie bowls are refreshingly light and cool + nutritious. Here is the recipe for the ones I made this morning with a raspberry and mango flavor:


Makes 2 small bowls:

1 cup Frozen Raspberries

1 cup Frozen Mango

1/2 Frozen banana

1.5 cups Oalty (oat mylk)

Toppings (optional):

2 tbs Chia seeds

2 tbs Coconut flakes

Handful Walnuts

2 tbs Cocoa Nibs


Blend the raspberries, mangos, banana, and Oatly in a blender (I recommend adding Oalty in a little at the time because the consistency and amount of liquid needed might vary with your blender). Blend until you reach a smooth, thick and creamy consistency. Add the toppings listed or other toppings that you would like, and voila you have yourself a refreshing smoothie-bowl! ♥




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