Traveling long distances & the environment

Traveling long distances & the environment


If you are studying abroad like me, it is hard to avoid traveling long distances. I travel home to Norway for vacations and I know that these kind of long hauls have a large impact on the environment. One of the best ways for me to reduce my carbon-footprint  significantly would be to avoid traveling or to do less long haul traveling. In trying to become more environmentally friendly I have become vegan and I therefore also feel bad about the long-hauls that I make and feel as though I should try to limit my traveling. I find traveling the hardest to cut, especially while studying abroad.  In this blog I therefore wanted to share my thoughts around long hauls, comment on some positive things about the flight experience I had coming to Norway this time,  and to discuss how maybe one might be able to take some actions to make traveling a tiny bit more environmentally friendly .

Last sunday, I came to Norway for my spring break. I am excited to be home and to see my family again! The winter in Norway has been fantastic and there is still a lot of snow, wich makes me so happy and grateful to be here, for being able to ski and play outside in the beautiful weather that has been here all week! Anyway, back to the traveling part: My flight to Norway was with Norwegian, and very easy, affordable and comfortable. The Norwegian dreamliners are new and include the newest technology for longdistance airplanes, as part of the young norwegian fleet they are therefore more environment- friendly and save emissions compared to the older but comparable airplanes. In adittion they do not serve any unneccessary food or drinks because you have to order beforehand if you want to get any food omboard, and they also have vegetarian and vegan options for their food!  (I had the vegan meal and it was actually very good and clean food -rice and carrots + boch choy , with a green salad and some fruits on the side. ) Therefore it might help to reduce your carbon footprint if you choose an airline with newer airplanes and updated technology.  On the other hand, this move towards more efficient and clean technology might also make people fly more, because it is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than before. What do you think about long haul travels? Do you think telchnology will make it more environmentally friendly or do you think the reduced emissions from better technology will only make us fly more and therefore still pollute the same?

Other things you can do to be a little more eco-concious when you travel is to bring your own waterbottle (but remember to fill it after going through the security!), take environmentally friendly choices for food, travel more eco-friendly around at your destination and to choose more conciously when booking or planning your accomodation.




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