Long summerschool days, and Vegan food experiments

Long summerschool days, and Vegan food experiments

This past week of summer school has been very busy and I have a feeling that the last four weeks will be similarly hectic, ( if not more..). Even though school is a big part of my life right now and demands its time, I have decided to try my best to achieve a good balance between school and the rest of my life. This is something I feel like I have been struggling with, this first year of University. I feel like I am either feeling overwhelmed,very invested and feeling like school is my entire universe, or I completely lose all interest and motivation… I guess I am still learning how to be a university student…:-P?

Anyway, -in the spirit of balance, I am trying to do more fun things outside of school and to find out what I truly enjoy in life (what is important to me, in order to feel good with my life/every day). One of the things I have always enjoyed doing is cooking healthy food. Nutrition and health have always been one of my passions together with the environment. I therefore went vegetarian/pescetarian (I sometimes also ate wild-caught fish) two and a half years ago and recently decided to try to go vegan this summer. (I have now been eating vegan since summer school started, about 6 weeks ago. ) . I recently got a Vitamix blender, (Wich I absolutely love!) and I have enjoyed experimenting and trying a lot of new plant-based foods and dishes! I have been experimenting with a lot of different smoothies, tried an avocado-almond milk pasta sauce and also made some fun energy-balls in a couple of different flavors….


Here are some of my recent food experiments:

Brown rice pasta with portobello mushroom and a nutritional yeast, avocado, and almond milk-sauce
   Green Smoothie Bowl with spirulina, avocado, kale, homemade hemp-milk and mango.


I have come across a lot of different energy-ball recipes on various vegan blogs, instagram-accounts, and youtube videos, and always thought they looked very tasty, but I never really tried to make my own until now. I do not know why, haha…  Maybe I thought it would be hard or complicated? I should have tried earlier… and I will absolutely do it again! – They make a perfect study snack or just a fun pick me up when you need some energy! With the inspiration from The Thrive Diet book, and blogs like https://deliciouslyella.com, and http://ohsheglows.com, I experimented and came up with three different flavors, Mango-coconut, Vanilla-cinnamon, and Chocolate-almond. You could also try!? 

The basis of these are pitted Medjool-dates, and I used vega-chocolate or vanilla protein-powder and almond butter, but you can also use raw nuts or oats. For the flavor you could experiment with anything you like; coconut-shreds, bananas, mango, seeds, shredded carrots, chocolate chips, carob, cacao, cacaonibs, spirulina, chia…..


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