Exploring Kelowna, Car-sharing

Exploring Kelowna, Car-sharing


I am currently in Kelowna (BC)  for summer-school and this weekend my roommates and I rented a Zipcar and went exploring! For students and people that maybe can’t afford or think that they do not absolutely need their own car, Zipcar is an amazing thing! I love it and I have used it quite a lot throughout this school year for exploring BC or just getting around to do errands. I have used Zipcarfor skiing in Whistler, Surfing in Tofino and now for exploring Kelowna with friends. (For those who do not know: Zipcar is a car-sharing company from wich you can rent cars by the hour or day and pay for just the amount of time that you want or need a car. ) In Vancouver, they have many different car sharing options, but I choose Zipcar because they have a lot of cars at the UBC Vancouver Campus, and now they also have it here at UBCO.  Before I came to Canada I did not really know about carsharing and I had never heard of anything similar in Norway. After my positive experiences with carsharing in Canada, I thought that it could potentially be very popular in Norway and I wondered why I had never heard of it before…

After some research though, I found that it actually has been existing for in Norway for a while. Maybe there is a market for more carshare companies? I am not sure, but I just wanted to share my experience with you and maybe even make some of you aware that this alternative exists. (if you, like me did not know about it…) -It could be a nice alternative to car ownership if you don’t drive very often by being more economical and better for the environment!

Have you tried carshare before? What do you think of it?






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